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The Nightmare of Halloween Awaits

Nightmare Before Christmas RPG

Nightmare Before Christmas RPG
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Nightmare Before Christmas RP

Want to be a part of the Halloween Town Goodness?

Then join up, you need no permission until the members begin to tally up. Often I have searched for a Nightmare Before Christmas RP and I have never found one, so I started up my own. Please read the following few but needed rules!!!! Thanks,

Your Loving Maintainer,

~*1*~ Original Chars MUST BE USED!!! This means no Jack's, Sally's, or Sandy Claws! Your characters must be originals and must have a bio present in your first post. Automatic Banning Present if this rule is not obeyed.
~*2*~ All non-relative posts are to be posted in an [OOC] format.
~*3*~ No flaming, spamming, or other disruptive and destructive behavior.
~*4*~All members are to be respected, though it is recommended all members have some rp background for critisism is in full effect. Maintainer (embracedmelody) should also be fully respected.
~*5*~ Respect the natural and normal rules or rping. Such as no posts like blocks, runs, beats up, things like that.
~*6*~ HAVE EXPERIENCE...or ask me embracedmelody or another experienced rper for help.
~*7*~ HAVE FUN!