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Character Profile [OOC]

Lydia Finklestein

Personality- Lydia, being one of Dr. Finklestein's many discarded creations is very much a loner. She is often absentmindedly staring into space and staring at people with no real purpose. She doesn't think it at all impolite, only a way to find out what she needs to. She is very friendly and sweet, though she is not used to the company of other. Her heart is always in the right place, she is very much like her sister Sally with her personality, but she is still her own person. She is not particularly fond of her father, yet remains civil to him. She wishes she knew other's in Halloween Town..perhaps then she'd have a friend.

Description- Lydia has waist length blue hair made of the finest silk threads. It is often in unraveling curls, and she allows strands to stray in front of her face. Her body is of odd make-up. Half of her body is made up of stitched up gray cloth, while the other is an odd assortment of wood, bones, and metal. She is quite thin, yet has a somewhat curviness to her body. Her eyes are a deep shade of blue, with tiny silver specks inside. She often wears a paranoid expression, leaving her pale red lips in a straight line. There are assorted slices and stitches of cloth on her face, but she is none for the worse for her appearance. Her usual attire consists of multi-colored pale shirt with lace and fringes, over which goes a deep maroon corset, with flowing black lace up ribbons. The satin black pants cover her lower body and dainty black slippers adorn her feet. She is uniquely beautiful..within body and mind. Her spirit is exquisite and her gentle nature thrives.
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