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M' name is Ericka, and I loooooove the Nightmare Before Christmas! And I'd like to join this community. Ok so here's my character.

Sandi Marie Clause (Sandy Claws' grand daughter, is that allowed?)

She's never afried to speak what's on her mind, which useally gets her into trouble.
She's kind and caring though. She'll never be false. OK here's her story...!
After Sandi's parents passed away, Sandi lived with her grandparents, until one day she heard them talking about marrying her off. Sandi ran away to Halloween Town and met Lock,Shock n Barrel. They decided to keep her as a prisnior. Only Sandi thinks it's out of goodness. ( yea right )

Sandi has green eyes and silver/white short hair. She's about 5'5 and she' 18. She wears and red dress with white candy cane stalkings.

=P yea....ok...that's just about it. Bye bye!
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