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Hey all I wanna join ANY OBJECTIONS

OK hey this is my first try at an rpg so if i do anything wrong please tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


name: artimus quill

Personality-- Artemus is a creative soul with a multi faceted persona. He can be dark and tormented or warm and romantic. He drifts around looking for his muse, what will Inspire his next tale of love , danger, adventure , or deception. He also hunts for love and to be loved.He is not an easy character to befriend as he was spurned badly by an intimate friend in the past. No one knows much about him , but he has drifted for as long as most can remember. He lives in a rundown manse on the other sid eof the pumpkin patch, he regularly sits on the hill overlooking it to look up at the moon and pray to his goddess luna for inspiration and love. He sometimes gets lost in work and doesnt come out for weeks, sometimes if you go near enough to his manse you can hear the low hum of his harmonious voice singing songs of his lovelorn pain.

Appearance: Artimus wears a long black robe tinged around the rims with crimson, and wears a special cloack tinged with a lunar blue color on full moons. His eyes are almost perfectly round MIsty blue colored orbs floating in the dark mist under his cloak. No one what he is or whats under his cloak, his appearance like his past is shrouded in mystery.He drifts just off the ground as he moves only making a slight rustling noise.
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