Cartwoman (cartwoman) wrote in nightmaredreams,

ooc new member

Hey everyone. I want to join the rp.

My chars profile:

Catherine Scan, but everyone calls her ´Cat´

Personality - Cat is an observer. She thinks before she says something, always searching the right words. She doesn´t want to be in the spotlight or the centre of attention. She keeps to herself. She has an evil streak and sometimes ´advices´ lock, shock and barrel about new pranks.
She cares about her town. She acts like a cat. Very fond of herself and not really bothered about anyone else, or so it seems. No one really knows where Cat came from, she was just there one day.

Appearence - Cat is half cat, half human. She has the face and body of a human. She has a black tail with a white tip and black furry ears. Yellow eyes like a cat and her nails are those of a cat. She can easily dissapear into a shadow and slowly and silently walk up to people, like cats can. She wears a black and white striped skirt and top, also some sleeves. She has long black hair and her skintone is like that of a tabby.

i hope this char is ok??
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