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Heya [OOC]

Hey there! Just wanting to join the rp! heres my char profile!

Juniper (last name unknown) -

Personality- Juniper is very outgoing and fond of the annual Halloween Town Sports events. The head bashing sprees, missing limbs, blood draining, you name it, she enjoys it. She happens to be part vampire and part witch. Her parents are unheard of so she remains tense towards them being mentioned. She is very fond of her hometown, and the people that reside in it. She wishes she had more friends but her bold nature often prevents it.

Appearence- Juniper is quite pale in complexion. Her stringy brown hair is usually pulled up in a bun at the nape of her neck, with stray strands of perfectly straight hair dangling here and there. She is usually wearing a loose-fitting white tuxedo shirt, with spider webs imprinted upon it. She has a matching silver choker and beads in her hair. The bottom she wears is a satin skirt of purple with odd rips here and there with multiple stickers of various Halloween themed designs imprinted on them. She is most often barefoot while roaming Halloween Town and the surrounding area. She is like an open book just waiting to be read.
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