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Setting & Plot [OOC]


Yay! People are starting to join, so I'll go ahead and give a basic setting and plot, but please before starting in the rp, post your profile k? ^_~

Setting: Halloween Town, the busy bustling hometown of Jack and Sally themselves. The city remains the same as seen in the movie of course, the graveyard, forest/woods, and creaky rising gates, all happen to be there (including the kitty alarm ^-^). All of the already known characters still reside in Halloween Town, but now we add a few new faces to the scene.

Plot: The brand new and improved all original characters shall break the scene! ^-^ The RP shall start off as a normal evening in Halloween Town. This will give a chance for characters to meet each other and start their own plots. The time is about eight o' clock in the evening on the night of Halloween itself. So let the celebration (and the rp) BEGIN!

Happy rping everbody, post your char profiles so we can get started! ^-^
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