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Terribly sorry for the delay. Was on a "business" trip for the past couple weeks. But now, fully back in rp mode! ^-^ Finally we can begin! yay!!!!


The night was that of a fall dream, the wind was cool and refreshing, yet the ground was still warm with summer's breath.
Lydia Finklestein emerged from her father's home cautiously. He was upstairs with his fondest creation, the one with half of his brain, and she wanted to roam about Halloween Town, since it was indeed the eve of Halloween. Since the loss of Sally, her father cared not much where she went, yet he was still a great nag, when he saw her going out without permission. She was quiet and stealthy, moving swiftly down the beaten road, towards the main part of the town. Her blue hair strayed in front of her eyes momentarily, and she lifted her cloth hand to move it away. Lydia was lonely, she only spoke to her father and occasionally the mayor. No one else wanted anything to do with her. She was used to being alone, so she managed well, but secretly, all she wanted was to have someone she could tell her feelings to.

My...the wind is pleasant...

She spoke barely over a whisper..but her voice was melodious and quite lovely. She chose often not to use it because it might direct people to her odd appearance. The two halves of her body..maybe thats why I don't have a friend..she often thought. But would she ever be sure of the reason?

[OOC] Come on peepers! Join me!
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